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Greetings from TinaLand.

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Tina. =) 90'er.
College Grad in Biochem.
Bay Area Cali gurl.
Manga & Anime Otaku.
Kpoppin' fangirl.
Inspirit est. 06/12.
Tumblr'n since 1123'10.
Someone who would love to be your friend :)

I'm a part-random-fandom kpop blog w/ a dash of food, anime, doodling, and other stuff here and there, but INFINITE, JUNKAY, and Yongguk-biased most of the time.

Current Sales List!!! *prices dropped per this post*



Hey everyone, I really need to get this stuff sold, I need to make some money before the 1st of May and I need it in a hurry. Please make reasonable offers if the price is too high for you and we’ll work something out! Shipping on all items will be free in the US, unfortunately, I cannot do that for International buyers as the shipping fees would be too high to cover on my own. If you spend $60+ you can have any of the SHOXX magazines for free (one per order). NOTE: I’ll ship these the cheapest method available to me, if you prefer faster methods, contact me and we’ll work out the price. Contact me through this blog’s ask or go here

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I’d be really grateful if you guys could pass this around, I really need to sell this stuff and I’ll negotiate prices, but I really need to sell, thanks!