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Greetings from TinaLand.

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Tina. =) 90'er.
College Grad in Biochem.
Bay Area Cali gurl.
Manga & Anime Otaku.
Kpoppin' fangirl.
Inspirit est. 06/12.
Tumblr'n since 1123'10.
Someone who would love to be your friend :)

I'm a part-random-fandom kpop blog w/ a dash of food, anime, doodling, and other stuff here and there, but INFINITE, JUNKAY, and Yongguk-biased most of the time.

Aww! Those look really cute! : ) Your work is adorable. Practice does make perfect though, but it’s good that you’re enjoying it! I have been slacking on drawing…because of college :’D I wish I had more time to draw.

I know what you mean! I’ve never thought about drawing when I was in college because all that precious time that I might put into it was always considered first priority towards studying ;__;. Now that I’ve been done with school, I have more free time to do it, but only after work and during the weekends. Oh, and during lunch breaks at work too haha! At least you give your time to what you love best = cosplaying! <3


hello—lunatique—cosplay replied to your post “Just found out about copic markers and bought myself a black one. Let…”

Post your art here! I wanna see it! ;A;

Hehe, I will! In the meantime, I have some old ones on my deviantart account: :) They’re very random b/c I did them for fun haha! 

Just found out about copic markers and bought myself a black one. Let this new addiction begin. Time to relive my dreams of being an artist!

I want to eat something, but I’m full. /stuckinamidlifecrisis

Hey guys


I still have a lot of stuff for sale, I’m taking offers and trying to discount what I can. Go here, I’ve got a lot of the GazettE, Alice Nine, DELUHI, 12012, Sadie, etc..